Bloom Montessori and Pre-School, located in a townhouse in Sector F-7/2 Street 13 in Islamabad, is a purpose built facility with a homely atmosphere and a constant focus on the welfare of your child. The facility provides the safe and supportive background to our community, which takes young children from their first days at school, through four years of academic and social experiences, to their emergence as members of Bloom’s community. Each child in the Montessori and Pre-School is assigned to a group. There, the Group Advisor (the senior teacher) and the Associate Teacher are the child’s primary advocates as they guide them in a challenging and creative core curriculum of math, language arts and social studies. In addition, children meet regularly with specialist teachers to explore music, art, library and technology. They also take advantage of special projects, including museum visits and service learning projects. Though groups are comprised by age, students enjoy the experience of being part of a community that includes children of every age. The unifying element of all of this activity is Bloom’s commitment to the development of well-rounded and happy children, who learn collaboratively and on their own. The faculty takes care to craft lessons to help each child explore his or her full potential – academic, social and emotional.