At The Bloom School, the primary focus is to nurture children's natural inquisitiveness, develop their self-confidence in their intelligence and in their ability to succeed, and teach them to be responsible and independent learners and thinkers. The school seeks to enroll students of sound character and educational promise who will provide a diverse population in talent, background, and experience. Bloom is looking for students with strong academic potential who will benefit from the school's unique educational philosophy through the methodology of the Bloom Plan. A rigorous and challenging curriculum combined with a dedicated faculty, enables each individual student's abilities and potential to be maximized while encouraging the young person to contribute his or her imagination, curiosity, and special interests to the entire Bloom community.

The Bloom School runs on a regular September to June school year. However, because we have the Montessori approach of teaching which is highly personalized, your child may enter any time during the school year. In this way, valuable learning moments are not wasted waiting for another semester or year.

Our classes are grouped vertically - (mixed age group). Vertical group is a characteristic of the Montessori approach in recognition of the fact that children have differet rates in physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

Pre-school Reception             18 months to 3 years
K - 1                                             4+ years
K - 2                                             5+ years
G - 1                                             6+ years
G - 2                                             7+ years
G - 3                                             8+ years

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